My engagement

Want to hear what my bachelor party 2021 was like? Then I`ll tell you about her.

It all started when I was invited by a friend on a wonderful trip. I didn`t expect anything special from that. Basically just that trip. It was a trip in the Czech Republic to the place where we first met. Other girls might have realized that something more would happen on this trip, but I didn`t realize it and I only took it as a romantic gesture from a friend, that was all.


So we went on a trip. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. What more can one really want than to spend time with a loved one. I was really happy that my friend took me to this place and it really flattered me a lot. It was very romantic. This trip was in a beautiful flower garden. I love flowers, just like any woman. I am always most fascinated by their scents. I like tulips best. Well, that was the most beautiful thing. A friend knows this and has prepared a wonderfully romantic and exceptional surprise for me. As we stood there in the garden, he handed me a beautiful bouquet of tulips out of nowhere.


I was really excited because they were yellow, it`s such a positive color that always cheers me up right away. Well, it didn`t take long for me to look at those tulips… and… there was a beautiful diamond ring. Before I could absorb it properly, he knelt in front of me and asked me if I would marry him and if I would be his wife. What do you think I answered? Of course yes. I was overjoyed. We ended the wonderful trip with a romantic dinner in our favorite beautiful restaurant, where we both really like it. It was a really beautiful day… and I believe there will be plenty of such days. But what is still a shock for me is actually that I will get married soon, which is great news !!!

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