Adrenalin experience!

Do you like adrenalin and trying anything new? If you say: Yes, of course. Congratulations, I like this spontaneous people, who want to experience something in life. We live only once! So, if you want to do something crazy long time or something out of your control zone, do it! Now! Do not wait!

I have a great idea for you! I promise you to have never experienced anything like this, you will remember it forever! If you are from Prague or want to do trip to Prague, you can visit this place. Are you already curious and want to know what I am talking about? Shooting range! If you are a crime lover like me, you will fall in love with this place. Since 2013 this shooting range prague cheap has opened.

You will be beautifully taken care of. Outback’s mission is to provide customers experience that they will remember for a lifestyle!

ammunition for weapons

Perhaps you are asking why you should choose this shooting range?

I will show you some benefits.

  1. Easy transport

Transfer from and to your accommodation. AC and water on board.

  1. Weather improves

Indoor range is independent on weather.

  1. Satisfaction

We can guarantee you best service.

  1. Best prices

If you find better prices for the same services, let us know and we can make a deal.

  1. Convenience

Maximum length from picks up to drop off three hours.

  1. Simply easy

No deposit needed for small groups.

shooting gun range

Prague’s indoor shooting range is open all year round so your experience will not be affected by cold or rainy weather. Our shooting range is cheap and even offers transport from your hotel and back. It is cheap and even offers transport from your hotel and back. Prague gun range offers variety of cheap and interesting package deals that include your choice of guns, equipment, protective wear, targets and guidance of trained instructor.

If you are interested, lets contact us!

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